Wednesday December 30th 2015

Wild times!

TQL’s June issue is hot off the presses, and it’s wild! Our theme this month is wild kingdom, and the pages are full of animals—creatures living in our houses, in the jungle, in the wilderness, and in our imaginations (the wildest of all!).

One of the articles in the June issue features a quilt series by Annie Helmericks-Louder, an artist who quilts and paints in her studio during the winter and creates plein-air drawings in wild locations during the summer. We were fascinated by her Outlaw Animals quilt series, celebrating the critters we think of as pests now that we’ve moved into their habitat: skunks, rattlesnakes, armadillos, and jackrabbits. Annie’s vibrant colors just draw you into the page. I was surprised to learn she keeps her media very separate and doesn’t ever paint on her quilts—the images are completely created with fabric, as you can see in the detail photo below.  And if you happen to be near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, you can see her work in person. Annie’s exhibit “Human Behavior, Animal Instinct” is at the Washington Pavilion on South Main Street through June 1.

Speaking of exhibits and excitement, we offer our sincerest congratulations to Sue Nickels and Pat Holly. The sister act’s exquisitely crafted quilt, Two of Us, just won the Bernina of America Best Machine Workmanship award at AQS QuiltWeek® – Paducah, Kentucky 2014. Members of The Quilt Show, Alex and Ricky’s online community and TV program, will recognize this charming quilt as the program’s 2013 BOM pattern. Ricky and Alex sure know how to pick a winner…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Click here to get your copy of the June 2014 issue of “The Quilt Life” magazine.

Armadillo (detail), by Annie Helmericks-Louder Armadillo (detail), by Annie Helmericks-Louder. Photo by Gregory Case
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2 Comments for “Wild times!”

  • Doris Camp says:

    The Armadillo quilt by Annie Helmericks-Louder is jaw dropping to me. That is how I want to quilt. Hope to prefect my quilting so that someday I may have a wall hanging using details like that. Just awesome!


    Just love the Armadillo by Annie Helmericks-Louder, and also love the use of the Australian fabrics because they show off the armour to perfection and also because that is where I live. Note to self, you must try this as well.

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