Friday January 1st 2016

Where the magic happens

The other day Irene Berry and I took a road trip. Our destination was the home and studio of TQL photographer Gregory Case and his wife and photo stylist Elena Morera. Our mission–to try our hand at setting up a “style shot” to showcase a quilt for an upcoming issue.
Gregory and Elena are really a dynamic duo. They’re warm and welcoming, and they both have a great sense of humor. They laugh when they mention people often assume they are quilters (they are not) or that they have a large personal quilt collection (they do not). “After we photograph the quilts,” Greg says, “we do have to give them back.”

Even though I’d never been to their house before, it seemed strangely familiar. Of course.  So many of the pictures we’ve shown in TQL were taken right there.

After a house tour (so we could choose the setting for our shot), our education commenced. Elena told us not to be shy and “Go ahead and look in the closets. Everything we own is a prop.” We quickly learned that seemingly simple photos–a casual scene, with a quilt tossed effortlessly over a chair–can take as long as three hours to get just right.

Gregory shared this advice for setting up a scene: You can’t really tell what your picture is going to look like until you see what the camera sees. Look at it through the camera.

With the patient encouragement of the two experts, we two amateurs managed to set up a shot we’re pretty excited about. I’ll tell you when you see it… Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Usually these two are on the other side of the camera.
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