Thursday February 26th 2015

What’s a basilisk?

1) An herb farmer who grows many varieties of basil 2) a tall column with leafy ornamentation; or 3) a legendary lizard? You don’t have to Google the answer if you’ve read “The Stuff of Legends” in the April TQL (oops, I think I just gave it away). Yup, a basilisk is a mythical beast – a legendary dragon, often depicted in medieval paintings and tapestries and also occasionally in a quilt by Suzanne Marshall.

I hope you enjoy the article half as much as we did when we were putting it all together for you. Not only was it a pleasure to get to know the delightful and talented Suzanne, but also (and this is the probably the best perk for a quilt editor) to see Suzanne’s prize-winning appliqued and embroidered quilts up close and in person.

As part of putting it together, I did the location photography. If you’ve read the article, you know why I chose the Denver Public Library’s 1912 Italian Renaissance-style Woodbury branch for my shoot. Despite the windy, cold, damp, November weather, I got it done, but not without attracting a little attention from library patrons. My favorite encounter happened while I was affixing a quilt to an exterior wall with double-stick tape. A young man (picture him with a totally mystified expression) asked, “What is that?” When I told him it was a quilt he responded, “How cool are you!” I thought I was just cold.

Shooting Suzanne Marshall's quilt Eleven Seventy at the Woodbury Library



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