Wednesday December 30th 2015

Triumph of a Higher Kind in AQ magazine


“…there are as many excuses to quit [quilting] as there are temptations to do so. Here are the stories of three quilters–widely diverse in background, age, and experience–who have confronted the label of ‘disability’ with a decision to never give in.”  Marjorie Russell in Triumph of a Higher Kind, These quilters press through limitations,

Marjorie details the triumphs of Diane Rose, Karen Loprete, and Maria Judy in the September 2012 issue of American Quilter magazine.American Quilter magazine per year.

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HOT AIR BALLOON, Diane Rose’s 500th quilt, is a king-sized celebration of that milestone. Photo: John Lee Montgomery at


Karen Loprete finds hand stitching a soothing activity that helps restore energy.
Ten-year-old Maria Judy poses in front of her second large competition quilt, SHERBERT STARS, 98" x 82". Photos: Trish Eberle


































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