Thursday December 31st 2015

The Grand Rapids LipDub

This Fourth of July, we would like to share a video filmed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that Roger Ebert calls “The Greatest Music Video Ever Made.” When you see how the people of  Grand Rapids came together to make this video, you will understand why AQS is so excited about our upcoming Quilt Show and Contest in Grand Rapids .

The Grand Rapids LipDub Video was filmed with 5,000 people and involved a major shutdown of downtown Grand Rapids, which was filled with marching bands, parades, weddings, motorcades, bridges on fire, and helicopter take offs. It is set to  Don McLean’s “American Pie”. Get ready to smile and maybe to even shed a tear.

Of course Grand Rapids hasn’t seen anything yet. Wait until the quilters get there! What song do you think we should sing?

Click here to read more about the AQS Quilt Show & Contest to be held in Grand Rapids.

Suzan @ AQS

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