Tuesday September 2nd 2014

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February 2014 MQP Show and Tell

The brights! The stitching! The FUN! Take a look at the beautiful quilts February brought to the Gallery at MyQuiltPlace.com. Gather ’round the monitor and let this month’s online show and tell begin! Click on our little scrapbook below, and it will come up on a [Read More]

There is a difference!

Pop quiz: what’s the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? I didn’t know either, until Meg Cox introduced us to Laurel Reinhardt in the June issue. Laurel, a former psychologist, uses the labyrinth as it has been used since ancient times – as a spiritual tool. [Read More]

Recently Added

Meredith Douses Richard!

Richard Louise, American Quilter’s Society COO, takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Grand Rapids after being [Read More]

Free: Fern Quilting Pattern

Free: Fern Quilting Pattern

Do you have ferns in your yard or on your porch? If they haven’t wilted from the heat of summer, they may be [Read More]

From Wow to Pow! A Handi Quilter Trapunto Lesson

From Wow to Pow with Trapunto: There’s no denying it — the beautiful depth and dimension created by trapunto [Read More]

Video: VARIEGATED by Paige Alexander

Enjoy AQ Editor-in-Chief Michele Duffy’s conversation with Paige Alexander of South Carolina, Honorable Mention [Read More]

The Quilt Life: The Final Issue

The Quilt Life: The Final Issue

The American Quilter’s Society has made the very difficult decision to cease publishing The Quilt Life magazine after [Read More]

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