Tuesday December 29th 2015

Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué by Sue Nickels & Pat Holly

In Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué two machine quiltmaking masters show you the tricks of the appliqué trade:

  • Accessible & easy to learn, this new fusing method yields beautiful finished quilts with optimum precision. Even fussy little pieces will have sharp points, neat edges, and no seam allowances to turn under.
  • Dozens of illustrations make is easy to produce your own fused appliqué masterpiece that is soft and flexible, unlike many quilts made with traditional fusing methods.
  • Enticing embellishments, such as very narrow bias stems, couched thread details, and really tiny circles, are served up in style by these international prize-winning quiltmakers.
  • Five charming projects will help you learn to create your own embroidered background fabrics, embellished bindings, looped edges, and much more.

Click here to read more about Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué.

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