Friday February 27th 2015

Snowmates! Come out and play with me…

It’s been a long, cold day of snowy fun, but these snowfolks don’t seem to care. From the deepest blue of a snowy night to the vivid red borders and accents, the Chilly Silly Snowmates block panel is the perfect choice for a quick and easy quilt, wintery pillows, or any holiday sewing project!

In each of the six 9 ¾” x 9 ¾” red-bordered blocks, the snow friends are up to their silliest tricks as they happily skate on candy canes and snowshoes. Scarves and mittens keep them warm! The inner blocks measure 5 7/8″. A matching border that measures nearly 3 ½” repeats the scenes depicted in the blocks on the perfect complimentary red. One high-quality, 100% cotton panel of six blocks and two borders measures 23 ¾” x 44 ½”.

Have some snowy sewing fun with the Chilly Silly Snowmates.

Click here to order your panels.

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