Tuesday December 29th 2015

Show and Tell

Pat Moore and I met at a guild meeting years ago, so I was thrilled when I found out  she’s a TQL subscriber. Pat’s feet are planted firmly on both sides of the quilting fence. She’s a historian who collects old quilts and loves research and reproduction fabrics. Pat also loves art quilts. She loves to make quilts, too – everything from art quilts to carefully researched historic reproductions.

When the June TQL appeared in her mailbox, Pat was fascinated by Meg Cox’s article about Laurel Reinhardt’s quilted labyrinths. Pat had walked a labyrinth herself once, and she wanted to figure out how to piece a labyrinth quilt.

Yesterday, Pat showed me her completed top (along with a several pages of historical research on labyrinths, of course.) Pat drafted her pattern by hand on graph paper and then enlarged her drawing to make a full-size pattern. Her design consists of four different wedges, and the final piece is 72 inches square. Great job, Pat!

Has anyone else made a labyrinth quilt? We’d love to see a picture!…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Labyrinth quilt top, 72" x 72", by Pat Moore
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