Wednesday December 30th 2015

Sherry Reynolds – America, Let It Shine

Watch Bonnie Browning interview Sherry Reynolds, winner of theĀ  Best Machine Workmanship Award at the 2012 Lancaster AQS Quilt Show & Contest. Sherry made her quilt on a home machine. Learn how she designed this beautiful quilt and how she pieced the triangle circles. Pick up tips on quilting on a home machine too.

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  • Kelly says:

    Molly: Thanks! I have lots of tips for first timers First of all, make sure you insevt in a rotary cutter and good cutting mat it is important to be exact with your cuts! Secondly, 1/4 seam allowances are important so that the seams of your block will line up when you start piecing them together there are some great sewing machine feet which have a cheater piece on them so that you can sew a straight 1/4 seam you should use a scrap and stitch a line, then measure the seam from the edge to be sure your needle is in the correct position then stitch away!!! Lastly, pressing your seams to one side (rather than open) will make your seams stronger. Pressing is different than ironing you want to be careful that you simple press down, then lift and move the iron because fabric stretches. If you take your time and press each seam before piecing blocks together, they will fit nice and smooth together. Good luck hope you’ll share your efforts!!

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