Monday January 25th 2016

See Roger Winchell’s First Entry at an AQS Show – Video

See Roger Winchell’s extraordinary quilt and learn just how easy it is to enter an AQS quilt show. Roger’s first AQS contest was at our 2012 Des Moines show.┬áRoger explains how his quilt was created and how he printed all his forms on-line.

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5 Comments for “See Roger Winchell’s First Entry at an AQS Show – Video”

  • Mary Hodgkin says:

    The Roger Winchell video doesn’t work

    • Sylvia says:

      Mary, I’ve looked at the video and it works every time; I can’t get it to fail. I’ll check with our IT department tomorrow as they have all left for today. We apologize for your trouble and I will try to help you figure it out. Email me at or give me a call at 270-898-7903 tomorrow if you still have problems. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrative Assistant.

  • Ann Hibbs says:

    Would have been nice if they’d stepped aside so we could see the whole quilt, instead of the few blocks above their heads. Roger did a great job with the perspective and color choices.

  • Diana says:

    I’m using MSIE 9 on a computer running Windows 7 and the video played in Adobe 11.Flash Player and worked okay for me.
    I recently updated the Flash Player.

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