Wednesday December 30th 2015

Salvaging the selvage

We quilters hate to throw anything away. Am I the only one who remembers cutting the legs off old pantyhose and saving them, just in case I might someday need to stuff something, like a biscuit quilt? I even once heard about a quilter who had a big box labeled “scraps too small to use.”

We don’t just save. We scavenge. I love to go to estate sales and look for, among other things, vintage sewing stuff. Inevitably, among the loose buttons and rusty pins and hem gauges and partial hanks of elastic, there will be a sad little ball of saved selvages.

I save selvages myself, but I use them in the summertime to tie up plants in the garden. The article about Riel Nason in the June TQL, though, has made me rethink using these valuable scraps for such an ordinary purpose. The quilts she makes with selvages are just delightful and fun (as are those made by Karen Griska, the blogger who inspired Riel).

Here’s the new little ball of selvages from my Stockholm Star project. It’s pretty. I like the colors and the dots, and if I put “selvage quilt” on my list of things I plan to make some day, I can justify keeping it. If it outlives me, someone can always use it to tie up tomato plants.

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