Wednesday December 30th 2015

Quilts with legs

Participating in a community quilt show is such a pleasure. Every year I look forward to entering one of my quilts in the Quilt Show at Echter’s. The weekend-long exhibit is a collaboration between two of my favorite places in the Denver area: the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, and Echter’s Garden Center and Nursery. Talk about a win-win situation! By showing our quilts, we can support both our quilt museum and an independent local business we love, introduce the joys of quilting to some new people, and strut our stuff.

Seventy-five quilts were entered, so I must not be alone in my enthusiasm for this event. I saw so many happy, familiar faces! Below is a picture of Stockholm Star, a quilt you might remember from my blog posts earlier this year, hanging in the show. (The pattern I used was Artisan Star, in the June 2012 TQL.) When I looked at my photos of the show, I laughed at all the quilts with legs. Isn’t it funny how the color of the long skirt one of the visitors is wearing goes so nicely with Stockholm Star?…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Stockholm Star with Legs
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