Wednesday February 26th 2014

The Quilt Life

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Quilts can tell life’s stories, share our lives with others, and fill countless hours of our lives. So, we’re pleased to announce the newest magazine inspiring quilters’ lives. The Quilt Life brings readers the experience of life and quilting.

What makes The Quilt Life Special?

  • See the human element of quilting, with more than simply technical how-to
  • Experience features from quilters whose lives revolve around their dedication to quilts
  • Feel the heart and soul of quilting, sharing emotional quilt stories and life stories of those who love them
  • A super duper quilt featured as an over-size gatefold, larger than any magazine you’ll find
  • Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson!

Take time to relax and enjoy The Quilt Life. You’ll develop a relationship with the contributors and be entertained and moved by the features. Plus, develop connections with other quilters by reading how they express their “quilt lives.”

You can find thousands of patterns and designs already, so we’re not going to shove more in your face. The Quilt Life inspires quilters to show their art, and no pattern can express how you feel. Take time to curl up with The Quilt Life, feed your artistic expression and soothe your soul!

Each of our Six Annual Issues promises:

  • Personal notes from Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson
  • Beautiful centerfold of an award-quality quilt
  • An original pattern from Ricky or Alex
  • International quilt coverage sharing news from across the globe
  • Digital coverage to sort out software, website and computer innovation
  • Celebrity question and answer

Indulge your quilting pleasure with The Quilt Life. For only $24.99, you’ll receive a year’s worth of inspiration and fun, and save 40% off the cover price.

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More from The Quilt Life

  • A day brightener

    Did you read “The Quilting Abides” in TQL’s February issue? It’s the sweet, sad, yet hopeful story of Betty Blankenberger. Betty was a dedicated, prolific quilter who, sadly, developed Alzheimer’s. Long story short (you need to read this one ...

  • Men quilt 2

    In last December’s “Life Online” feature we printed a letter from a quilter named Clifford Rininger. Cliff wondered about how finishing methods are judged in competition. It seemed to him that judges in his area were taking points off for any qui...

  • Ms. MacDonald and The American Gothic Challenge

    At the start of the Great Depression in 1929, a new art movement called Regionalism was born, with paintings that were exclusively from the Midwest and depictions of simple rural life. The American Gothic, a painting by Grant Wood, is a landmark of th...

  • Small wonder

    This morning I stumbled across something very cool online, and I just have to share. Sarajane Helm is an artist and dollmaker who works in textiles and in polymer clay. Sarajane also has a quilt shop. Doesn’t it look like you could walk right in and...

  • More playtime

    Do you remember the August 2013 issue of TQL? The theme was “playtime,” and we introduced you to C.J. Baar and the World’s First Interactive Quilt. For those of you who are new to TQL, C.J. is quilter with a fascination for electronics, and he cr...

  • Teflon vs. what?

    Recently AQS posted this tip on Facebook. “Parchment paper works every bit as well as a Teflon pressing sheet, and it cools off faster.” You made  lots of comments, and you wanted to know more. Here’s the story: Quilters who do fusible appliq...

  • For the record

    Are you a record-keeping quilter? I wish I were. How cool would that be to have a notebook, or a spreadsheet, with every detail of every quilt you've made in one neat place? I know quilters who keep track of everything, from each spool of thread and ho...

  • How cool!

    Do you know what really happens when you step on the foot pedal of your sewing machine? Until just the other day, I did not. Then someone sent me a link to this great little animation. If you're not so mechanically inclined, and you've ever wondered...

  • Happy 2014

    I am in a clean-out-closets-and-other piles kind of mood today. Maybe it's the start of the new year. I've also been thinking about "Quilt Studio on the Move," an article Carol Newby wrote for the February TQL. Carol is a veteran of many a household re...

  • Quilts as Art

    It’s always exciting when an art museum──not a quilt museum, but a major, mainstream art museum──decides to showcase the visual power of antique quilts. That's why I’m very happy to tell you about “Quilts and Color: The Pilgrim/Roy Collec...

  • What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?

    Have you made out your Christmas list? I know it always helps to drop a few hints here and there—or in some cases to make out a list. Here are some things you might want to add to your Christmas list or maybe get as gifts for your quilting friends: ...

  • Christmas Star Block Pattern

    Here's a pattern for a Christmas star with a ribbon-like design. It will shine when you make it in dazzling reds and greens with a silver border! Thanks to The Quilt Life for sharing this holiday beauty from the December, 2013 issue! Click h...

  • Ho ho ho

    Last year right around this time, Jennifer Rounds decided she wanted something new for her Christmas dinner table. She jumped in with both feet and started a paper pieced, quilted Santa table runner. After Thanksgiving! Her friends thought she was nuts...

  • Jennifer and Santa are at it again

    Our frequent contributor to TQL Jennifer Rounds has an adorable table runner pattern, Santa's Coming!, in our December 2013 issue and a full-quilt version, Santa's Forest, on the TQL website. But wait till you see the latest Santa project Jennifer's co...

  • Outtakes

    I’m not a huge fan of winter, but there is one thing I like when the weather turns nippy―I get to take my River Trees quilt out of the closet and enjoy it until spring. Even though it’s red and green, the quilt is not so Christmassy that I get ti...

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