Wednesday December 30th 2015


What a pleasure it was to see the TQL readers who stopped by our booth in Paducah. You’re the reason we make the magazine, and I felt humbled and honored by your kind words.

When I got home, I was still on sensory overload. Now, after a few days, I realize I can’t stop thinking about the miniature quilts. That was one astonishing category, with each little masterpiece seemingly more wonderful than the next. We’re so proud of our friend Pat Holly. Her Tiny Tigers 2 won best miniature quilt.

Do you still have the June 2011 issue of TQL? You can get a close look at Pat’s exquisite workmanship in Paisley Peacock, that issue’s centerfold. Gregory Case’s photos of that quilt are so clear you can almost see every stitch, but it’s still nothing like seeing the real thing. If you are in the Denver area, or plan to be here before the end of July, you can see some of Pat’s quilts at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden. You’ll also see some quilts by her sister, Sue Nickels, and some of their collaborative quilts. One of the Pat’s miniatures in the exhibit is Tiny Tigers, the prizewinner’s twin sister. The picture is at the end of this post. I do hope you get a chance to see it in the cloth. Great job, Pat!…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Tiny Tigers by Pat Holly
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