Wednesday December 30th 2015

News from the big apple

This morning I had an email from Dale Riehl. TQL readers might recognize his name from an article in the June 2011 issue, “Quilt shop to the world.” Dale and his wife, Cathy Izzo, are the proprietors of The City Quilter, a New York City quilt shop with such a vast international clientele that it’s affectionately known as the United Nations of Quilting. Among other things, The City Quilter is known for producing its own iconic New York City-themed fabrics (they’ve got a brand new one that’s just lovely). Not too long ago Dale and Cathy opened The ArtQuilt Gallery-NYC, the first commercial art gallery in the city devoted solely to the art quilt.

Dale reminded me that I only have a week or so left to see the current exhibit, “Quilts from Nature: Landcapes and Florals” by Lenore Crawford. If you’re able to get to the city, by all means don’t miss Lenore’s beautiful quilts. If a trip to New York next week isn’t in the cards (sadly, it’s not in mine), do check out the website,
And stay tuned to TQL. We’re huge fans of Lenore’s work, and we’ve got something special for you an upcoming issue…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

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