Wednesday December 30th 2015

You Did What In The Ditch?

Arguably, the American quilt is the quintessential example of folk art. And beyond argument, quilting is crucial to the study of the history of American women. Like all folk art, quilting established a defined culture with tangible traditions. You Did What In The Ditch? relays the folklore of this culture. Author John Oldani, Ph.D., a folklore archivist who has produced and judged national quilt shows, examines the vocabulary, sayings, folk beliefs, superstitions, folk poetry, historical significance, and even the graffiti of the American quilter. Find out what quilters do ‘in the ditch’, what they do with ‘betweens’, and where they hide their ‘pigs’. Contains poetry, song lyrics and wonderful resources for guilds, schools, and individual fun.

Dr. John L. Oldani (a.k.a. Dr. Jack to his students) has collected and documented American folklore for years. He established an archive for research with a strong emphasis on the American quilt and the lore surrounding its history. Dr. Oldani has produced quilt shows, served as a judge at national shows, and has written and spoken on the meaning of the American quilt as seen through folklore. As a professor for more than thirty years, Dr. Oldani has been inducted into the Professor Hall of Fame. He was the writer for the ‘Johnny Cash American Folklore’ radio program and was guest/host on national radio outlets on American Folklore for twenty-five years.

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