Wednesday December 30th 2015

New – Design Your Personal Hawaiian Quilt by Janice Lee Baehr, with Nancy Lee Chong

If you can cut with scissors, you can do this. No special drawing or design skills are required. It’s that easy!

Janice Lee Baehr and Nancy Lee Chong have been designing and making Hawaiian quilts for over 30 years. Now, with this book and video, they teach you  how to design your  own personal Hawaiian quilt. Join in the tradition of Hawaiian quilting and design your personal pattern. With their help, you can do it.

You will receive a book and DVD Set that includes:

66-page book: Full of pictures, illustrations and instruction. A handy guide, at your side, as you explore and create. Full-wrap, wire-O binding lays flat on your worktable and displays the book title on the spine when the book is closed and on your bookshelf.

2-hour DVD: Watch as they  show you their designing process; be inspired by the surroundings and experiences of their  students in Hawaii  as they design their quilts; visit the Bailey House Museum on Maui, and the Grove Farm Homestead on Kauai, to view a portion of their priceless Hawaiian quilt pattern collections.

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