Wednesday December 30th 2015

Meet Karen G. Fisher Author of Easy Grid Quilts

Karen Fisher is an award-winning quilter and a new AQS author.  Her first book with AQS  is called Easy Grid Quilts.  Let Karen introduce herself!

“I came to quilting as an art form just a few years ago, but I had a lifetime of art-making and sewing as a background to build on. Like many women, I made my first quilt for my granddaughter, fell in love with the medium, and let it grow from there. Before quilting my main medium was ceramics, and I feel some of my quiltmaking style has grown out of my ceramics work in terms of building a surface with color, pattern, and texture. I also love to use commercial tone-on-tone fabrics for the visual sparkle they give a piece, and I always enjoy the hunt to find the groups of colors I want for a new quilt.

Besides my ceramic background, one of my favorite sources of inspiration is astronomy—one quilt that toured for a year with an International Quilting Association special exhibit was based on a star classification chart. In both cases I enjoy taking something very structured and giving it a bit of a twist; however, a viewer doesn’t need to know either ceramics or astronomy to enjoy the visual impact of my quilts.

I’ve been really delighted with the awards my quilts have won in Tucson, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Houston, and Knoxville. My quilts have been shown in Paducah, Cincinnati, California, and exhibited at both the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and The National Quilt Museum. My work has also been shown in American Quilter Magazine, the 2007 Quilt Art Engagement Calendar, Quilting Arts, and Quilting Quarterly. Rose of Sharon: New Quilts from an Old Favorite, includes my quilt, My Father’s Rose Garden. As an active quilter I am always adding to my skills—I’ve taken workshops with Carol Taylor, Katie Pasquini-Masopust, Mary Lou Weidman, and others.

My formal art training includes a BFA in sculpture from the University of Arizona, plus a BFA in art education, and an earth science teaching endorsement. I have taught both art and science at the high school and middle school levels, and have included quilting in the art curriculum. I’ve been active with the Tucson Quilters Guild for the last six years, where I was Program Co-Chair and had the opportunity to work with the amazing group of nationally recognized speakers the guild brings to Tucson each year.”

Click here to read more about Easy Grid Quilts.

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