Wednesday December 30th 2015

Meet Esther and Geesje

We would like to introduce you to Esther Vermeer and Geesje Baron, authors of the book 3D Folded Blocks.  Both live in rural Manitoba, Canada, both emigrated from The Netherlands at different points in their lives, and both have interesting and eclectic artistic backgrounds. Is it any wonder that they became instant friends when they first met?

Esther is a quilt designer and painter who was introduced to quilting in 1998.  She uses an eclectic approach when planning a new project and her inspirations often include North European mythology, the brilliant colors and natural shapes of Art Nouveau, and the elegance of Art Deco. Her work has been featured in various exhibits and when she’s not in her studio or taking classes, she teaches private and group workshops in English and French.

Geesje (pronounced “Gay-shuh”) is co-owner/operator of a dairy farm in addition to being a quilt designer and longarm quilter. She has a diverse background in spinning, weaving, fabric painting and dyeing and has been quilting since 1986. Her primary inspirations are the abstract geometric and impossible shapes found in the work of Victor Vasarely, Oscar Reutersvard, M.C. Escher, and Tamas Farkas. She has won awards in both provincial and national juried quilt shows, and enjoys sharing her passion for quilting and dyeing with her students.

After car-pooling to guild meetings together for about five years, they realized that summer was too long a season to put the quilting supplies away, so they started meeting weekly to quilt year ’round, and it wasn’t long before they began talking about writing a book. Their book on three-dimensional folded blocks is a complete collaboration, a pooling of the ideas and abilities of two very talented quilters.

Esther and Geesje have a special  gift for you. You can download a FREE Shoo Fly coaster pattern that uses their 3D Folded Block method. You’ll want to make some for your home and it’s great for gift-giving, too.

Click here to download your FREE pattern.

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  • Linda Levy says:

    I bought their book sfter seeing a sample quilt at Paducah. It has been so much fun! I just ordered some fabric from Geesje and I can’t wait to get it to start my next 3-d folded block quilt!

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