Monday June 8th 2015

Linda Hahn’s Mystery Begins

It’s here….the first installment of  Linda Hahn’s new mystery block-of-the-month quilt. Every month for the next seven month’s we will send you another clue on how to make Linda’s mystery quilt. This mystery quilt is absolutely FREE and there is no need to sign up.

This month’s installment contains the fabric requirements (feel free to change the colors) and techniques that you will be using. You have the whole month to get your supplies together and to put your mind into mystery mode!

Click here to download installment 1.

Linda Hahn is the AQS author of the award-winning book, New York Beauty Simplified. Her newest book, New York Beauty Diversified will be available in February 2013.

There is no need to cut your strips. Linda will give you instructions each month on the width to cut your strips.

We have posted the corrected PDFs for Parts 1 and 2. The link above should take you to the corrected material for part 1. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact Linda directly at Thanks everybody! Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Administrator, (3/1/13, 2 pm)
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52 Comments for “Linda Hahn’s Mystery Begins”

  • Mania2009 says:

    The quantity required seems to me huge. So many yards of fabric? Is this normal?

  • Lucretia says:

    I never can dowload your free patterns. Lucretia

  • Judy Provost says:

    In the first installment of Linda Hahn’s Mystery Quilt there are no measurements for the width of the strips, or am I overlooking them?

    Thanks, Judy

    • Mo says:

      Judy & other ladies
      the first installment is just to get your fabrics together & be familiar with the techniques she will be using. READ what she says. No instructions to start cutting & sewing until next month.You’re just too excited & eager to start :o))

    • Marsha Day says:

      This first document is for fabric requirements only (which I agree is WAY too much fabric for a twin size quilt)and she is also just telling us what blocks we will be making, but we won’t get specific cutting instructions until next month. I plan to cut her fabric requirements in half and I am sure I will still have plenty for a twin size quilt. Even if I wanted to make the bonus quilt, I don’t think I would want to use the same fabrics.

  • Linda Moran says:

    I would like to do the Linda Hahn quilt. Down loaded the pattern but there are no sized for the blocks.

  • Coral Pariso says:

    How do I save this pattern to my computer because at the moment I’m without a printer.

    • Sylvia says:

      Carol, When you open the PDF in Adobe, you should be able to choose “SAVE AS” so it can be placed on your computer to retrieve later. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrator

  • mimilyn says:

    I am a novice at “quilt alongside”. Please specify how wide I should cut the strips. You do state that they are all cut the width of the fabric but there is no mention of how wide each strip should be nor are the sizes of, the squares identified. Please help!

  • Carol Ireland says:

    Have tried all morning to download the mystery quilt (installment 1) to download and have been unsuccessful in even getting it to open. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Sondra says:

    Well, that’s a mystery, alright. We’re told to sew together squares and triangles, but not the size of those squares and triangles. I think there must be a page or two missing.

  • Sandra Shuttleworth says:

    I have never participated in a Mystery quilt before, can you give me some insight in how to get started. It sounds like alot of fun.
    Thank you

  • Becky Whitehead says:

    Love mystery quilts

  • Lyn Ennis says:

    Is there going to be a site where we (those of us who are working on this Mystery) can talk and share our progress?

  • Dori Monica says:

    I thought that I would like to try this mystery BUT – the requirements are 15 yards of batiks to make a large lap size quilt! Are you kidding me?

  • Marsha Day says:

    I would like to do Linda Hahn’s Block of the Month mystery, but I really would like to know why we need 15 yards of fabric to complete a twin/full size quilt, considering that the requirement for backing is less than 6 yards. I have been making quilts for 19 years and that is twice the amount of fabric I’ve ever needed for a twin/full quilt top. Are these amounts correct?

  • Fran says:

    Linda Hahn’s Mystery Quilt Begins……I’m interested and checked out the first installment. Shows fabric, 1/2 sq. triangles and flying geese. What it does not show is the size of blocks, rectangles, etc. OR is this installment for purchasing the fabric only?

  • Lucien Wise says:

    We have had a terrific response to the on line mystery quilt over at There is even a special discussion group at My Quilt Place. I can’t wait to see everyone’s final project. One of the things I enjoy is when students send me photos of their finished projects. It’s amazing how the “flavor” of the quilt changes just by changing the fabric.

  • Leslie Strand says:

    I plan on doing Linda Hahn’s mystery. I am concerned that 15 yards of fabric is a bit much for that size. I do not plan on making the surprise project. Is there a better set of yardage numbers for the Mystery Quilt?

  • Patricia Moffitt says:

    Wow, this quilt uses 15 yards of fabric! I think I will wait to see the whole thing before I invest that kind of money in a mystery.

  • Patty Zach says:

    I am stunned by the yardage requirements in excess of sixteen yards to make a twin size top. Using Linda’s fabric choices would cost over $160. Am I missing something when I read Month 1 of the Mystery Block of the Month?

  • Patty Zach says:

    What do you mean by moderation?

  • Annie Flaherty says:

    The directions add up to about 16 yards of fabric for the mystery quilt and only make a lap/twin size quilt? That seems like an awful lot of fabric for a quilt of that size.

  • alma martz says:

    15 yards of material for a twin size quilt is not in my retirement budget. by the time you buy backing, filler and thread it would become a very expensive twin size quilt.

  • Cynthia Meyer says:

    I noticed that most of Linda’s fabric choices are midtones. Since I want to use fabrics I already have at home, can you give me some guidance on which fabrics (when set next to each other in the blocks) will create the most drama in the quilt. I would prefer using a wide variety of values if possible. I have done mystery quilts before and fabric placement is critical. Thanks.

  • Willie Fiedler says:

    I am with every one on these fabric requirements. Very excessive. As to cutting, I think that Linda is just telling us what’s ahead. But I really don’t need a month to pick fabric. I loved the last mystery where we got a step every week. 7 months, 16 yds if fabric. . I don’t think so. It’s been fun, but I’m out. :(

  • Leslie Strand says:

    There are so many comments about the amount of fabric without any answers from AQS. Can you answer this for us so we can make a decision about the project? Otherwise, I am out. Thanks.

  • Sylvia says:

    Hey Ladies, Don’t leave this mystery unsolved. I’ll get Suzan or Linda to give you some clues about the fabric. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Administrator,

  • Linda J. Hahn says:

    Hello all!
    I wanted to address your yardage concerns. There’s a lot of piecing in this quilt that will keep you busy! Without giving anything away there will be a bonus block (or two) at the end of the mystery which will allow you to use up any excess fabrics that you have. There is intentionally a little generous yardage which compensates for fabric shrinkage, fabric that might not be 40″ wide, different skill levels, cutting mistakes, etc. You will use up all the fabric and have one mystery quilt and then learn a new technique at the end with the bonus block.

    I do apologize for the confusion. The first month is to gather the fabrics. I gave the Hoffman colors that I used so that you can take that chart to your quilt shop, pull the colors to give you an idea – and then substitute your own.

    What we also did – differently this time – is to give you the techniques that we will be using throughout the quilt so that you can familiarize yourself with them before we get going, and refer back to them throughout the project.

    You are most welcome to email me direct with your questions – please put something quilt-y in the subject line so you don’t get misdirected into my spam or junk folders.

  • Linda J. Hahn says:

    Additional Response to comments – This is not a high contrast quilt – it’s beauty comes from the design and the blended palette. If you still have questions – choose your favorite color – for example brown – then you may want to choose several shades of brown, gray, black and throw in a blue or bright burgundy. If you wish a high contrast, then I would substitute the teal, but you would lose the blender effect. The project at the conclusion of this mystery is a teaching project. You will learn something fun that you can take to other quilt projects that you do. I teach it often and folks really enjoy what is presented. It is not a pieced backing.

  • Laurie says:

    Looking forward to this mystery quilt. Thanks Linda for the advice on the fabric color selection. Going to look through my fabric stash and see if I can come up with some interesting choices that will work. Looking forward to the beginning of this mystery.

  • Leslie Strand says:

    Thanks for the yardage info, but 15 yards for this project and this size is not worth the expense. I don’t plan on doing the project because of this. Wish AQS had chosen a project with normal yardage for this size. maybe next year.

  • Mer says:

    Are you sure 15 yards of fabric is needed for a lap or twin size quilt?

  • Chef Lisa says:

    Can’t wait! Just Love Linda. If any of you have a chance to take a class with Linda do so she is awesome and funny!

  • Chef Lisa says:

    Just wondering what made you choose the colors you did?

  • Laura B. says:

    I got this Mystery Quilt through an e-mail that was forwarded to me. I was worried about the yardage too, but everyone knows that they have a stash of remnants. I just chose from my stash. I only had to buy what I wanted to take the place of the Med. Pinky Purple. I don’t have the exact colors and I don’t mind. This will be a great way to use my stash. I read the directions and figured that I probably didn’t need the exact yardage.
    I suggest that you play along if you like and try not to think too far ahead. Don’t spoil the MYSTERY! It’s just for fun.

  • Chris Thornton says:

    My sister and I were initially shocked at the yardage, too, but we assumed it was, like most things these days, an infomercial for fabric as well as author. We’ll play along using our stash for most fabrics and learn something new and enjoy the process along the way without investing a fortune. (After all, quilting did come from making do and being economical!)

  • Lorryo says:

    Purchased the fabric per your instructions Linda and am excited to be doing my first mystery quilt. Anxiously awaiting month 2! Never worked with Batiks before. I’m new to quilting and thank you in advance for this free pattern.

  • Linda Denniston says:

    All set to go! When will the next installmemt come out?

  • Lyn Ennis says:

    I downloaded part two already but when a friend asked me when he could get part two and I told him it was posted he said it wasn’t. Now that I am on the site I can see that it is not posted. What happened to part 2?

  • Linda Hoyle says:

    Just got my fabric and am making the first block. I see there has now been a correction for the lime green to read “2” squares, but I’m not seeing a correction for the Medium purple. Instructions (cutting 8 squares in half) gives 16 triangles, and we only need 12 for 3 sides of 4 blocks. Are we going to use the 4 extra triangles later or is this another error to be corrected?

  • Sharon k says:

    When will step 3 be available

  • Christine W says:

    When will each monthly step be published? I don’t want to miss any!

  • Leslie Peacock says:

    Finally getting around to finishing the mystery quilt. I had stopped at blocks 5 and 6. Now I know why, I cannot for the life of me figure out how they go together.
    any advice or instructions??? I am not a novice quilter and I just can’t figure this block out. thanks for any help!

    • Sylvia says:

      Leslie, I have sent your question on to Linda Hahn and I hope she will get back with you soon. She travels a lot so it might take a day or so, depending on if she is home or not. Let me know if we can be of further assistance. Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Administrator

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