Wednesday December 30th 2015

Let’s Have the E-Book Discussion

Is it normal to have relationships with your books? Is there a phobia that causes a person not to be able to sleep without a stack of books on the bedside table? Is it wrong to lovingly caress the spines and to fondle the pages of your favorite books? If so, I guess I’m an abnormal, phobic, book caresser — but, I bet I’m not alone.

I love books and have loved them for as long as I can remember. A goodly portion of my disposable income (and some of the nondisposable) goes towards the purchase of books. During my last move, I had to choose between taking some of my furniture or my books. Sitting on the floor isn’t all that bad!

To say that I have regarded the emergence of E-Books with great suspicion is an understatement. It was only when I became stranded out of the country with nothing to read that I resulted to downloading an E-Book. The reading experience wasn’t the same. However, I no longer have to travel with heavy books and I never worry about running out of reading materials.

My ambivalence about E-Books changed when I downloaded my first quilting book. A very large portion of my book collection is made up of quilting books — my “dream about what I’m going to make” books. What I found was that the quilting E-Book made it much easier to make the dream a reality.

The E-Book allowed me to print off as many template and pattern pages as I wanted. I could enlarge or reduce patterns without resorting to experimenting with a copy machine. I could also make the text type size as large as I wanted, so that it was easy to see while I was working. I enjoyed working with the E-Book so much, that I’m considering buying E-Book versions of some of the quilting books I already own.

So, while I’m never going to be convinced to give up all of my “real” books,  I am willing to admit that E-Books have their place in the world (especially the quilting world.)

Perhaps I was wrong to dismiss them out-of-hand.  After all, I never thought that microwave ovens would catch on, either.

What are your thoughts on E-Books?



Suzan @ AQS

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13 Comments for “Let’s Have the E-Book Discussion”

  • Pamela Blackman says:

    I would never, ever buy a e-book again, other than novels that can be read on a reader. I bought a quilting book in e-format and the supplier I bought it from did not allow printing capability because of what they said were European copyright restrictions. The book clearly stated in the copyright statement that it could be printed off up to 3 times for personal use. However, the supplier would not budge on the issue and I was left unable to print off patterns and templates. That effectively made the book useless to me. I could use a Print Screen program but that was time consuming and fiddly and prone to inaccuracies.

  • Marjorie Busby says:

    I love e-books too. Most of mine are Kindle books, so I can’t print off pages, but I love Quilting Arts Magazine b/c I can print an article if I like or I can just read it. Can also enlarge to look at detail to my heart’s desire.

  • JudeB says:

    I LOVE e-books in respect of novels, but am not really that keen when it comes to textbooks, I find it fiddly as you can’t always see the picture and the wording on the same part of your screen, particularly if you need reasonably large print in order to read it,(lol). I think I’ll be sticking to the ‘real’ thing for the forseeable future

  • Crazy Cuban says:

    I learned to love e-books instantly. The thought of being able to hold an entire library in the palm of your hand is a powerful idea. I have loved printed books all my life. It is most saddening when one has to downsize their book collection because of smaller living arrangements. That really drove home the value of e-books. I never would have to undergo that heartbreak again. I can have many of the classics back, and they are free!

  • Linda says:

    I understand if you travel alot why e-books would be popular, but you can’t caress an e-book or feel the weight of it in your hands. Besides what would wake you up from your siesta if your book didn’t thud off your chest onto the floor after you nodded off. Whats next e-fabric?

  • Rhonda Green says:

    My husband and I have books in every room of our house and on every surface….I was given a kindle for my bday and now as my son’s say “have a severe kindle addiction”. There is nothing like the instant gratification of finding a new author and finishing the book and being able to instantly down load all their books and start on the next one in less than 5 minutes…for those new to ebooks…Kindle has free applications for your iphone and for your computers…give it a try…now I will be trying a quilt ebook on my computer..I honestly didn’t even think of the possibilities…thx…got to the middle of a new book on my kindle…lol

  • Kim says:

    I love e-books & e-patterns!
    Printing, no scanning
    Saves Trees
    EASY to get in the house without hubbie noticing….
    I’m waiting now for e-fabric and e-tools…then I’ll be SET! 😉

  • Betty Grove says:

    I love my Kindle and I have many e-books on my PC’s HD, but to hold a book in your hands and touch the pages will continue to be one of my life’s little joys. E-books for quilting are nice in that I can print the patterns/articles that I want without the stuff I have no interest in; however, I like to look at the advertisements about new products so I don’t care for magazines as e-books.

  • Mona says:

    E books are great. I bought a cover for my e-book which lets it look like a book when it is open (you know – 2 sides). The e-reader will never replace paper books but you can have so many more – I only own about 2000 books – but I am now up to about 1800 e books – most of which I don’t have in paper format. Saves a lot of space. Also if I don’t like them, I don’t feel guilty about getting rid of them. I have a sony e-book and I use Calibre to manage my books (free program). I can read my books on my computer or on the e reader and therefore if I want to print anything out, I just have to go to that page on the computer and voila – there it is to print out. I really like it. I also download magazines and then I get to read them when I am away from my computer – camping, travelling or sitting at the doctor’s office.

  • Susan Rice says:

    I have been buying e-books for about a year a 1/2 for my Kindle. I love them. However, I have never bought a quilting book because I don’t have a color Kindle and of course you can’t print from a Kindle. I never thought about buying an e-book and using it on my computer where I can print, enlarge, and read larger print. What a good idea. I will certainly take a look at the prospect of buying a e-quilting book now. I think I’ll like it. Thanks, the other Susan for shareing that with us. There are a couple of reasons I really love e-books on my Kindle. Traveling with the Kindle is one and reading in bed is the other. When reading in bed, I used to fall asleep and the book I was reading would fall on my face and wake me up. With the Kindle I just turn on it’s little light, prop it up on it’s side and read til I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning my Kindle is faithfully there, asleep too.

  • Fourpatch says:

    I’m all for ebooks. I am reading more then ever since downloading the Kindle app on my iPad.
    What really irks me is the price of ebooks. Why is it 2-3 dollars more for an ebook then the hard copy? Ebooks don’t have to be printed, shipped and can’t be lent to a friend. Yet the cost is higher for the reader.

  • carolyn says:

    I would like to know what type of E-book you have.

  • Linda in TN says:

    I have a library of over 100 quilt books that I have collected over the years. I have an ebook reader for novels but don’t think I would want to buy my future quilt books in that format. I have read all the pros but I am still an old-fashioned girl when it comes to holding that quilt book in my lap! lol

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