Wednesday December 30th 2015

It’s the Fourth of July

In the Denver area, where I live, we’re going to have to celebrate without the traditional pyrotechnics. You’ve probably heard about the terrible wildfires in our state. The fires, coupled with extreme temperatures and drought conditions, have prompted a statewide fireworks ban. Most of the big municipal displays have been cancelled as well.

It seems appropriate today to share a quilt made by Juliet Madsen, who we introduced in the August TQL. Juliet is a disabled Army veteran who sustained a traumatic brain injury in Iraq. She’s now a longarm quilter who has stitched her way to recovery.Her focus is helping other veterans, and she makes art quilts inspired by her time in the Army (Check out her website,

Juliet emailed us a couple of weeks ago. She wrote, “I want to share my most recent quilt with you. It will take up permanent residence at Fort Bliss, Texas. This quilt has survived flood, electrical issues, sobbing tears, a major concussion, a fractured back, and all of that was just over the last month.” Juliet is one determined woman. You’ve got to read her inspiring story.

I hope you have time to sew this holiday. If it’s too hot, maybe you can sit in the shade and read TQL…Jan Magee, The Quilt Life

Detail of The Fort Bliss Quilt by Juliet Madsen
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2 Comments for “It’s the Fourth of July”

  • catherine payne says:

    A stunning work of art, that has a stunning/stark reality to it.

    • catherine payne says:

      What is meant by moderation.
      A stunning work of art, beautifully crafted and detailed that portray stark realism.
      Wonderful tribute to these ladies.

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