Monday November 30th 2015

Is your quilt bound for greatness?

Too often when we put those last quilting stitches into a piece we’ve worked on for weeks or months, finishing the quilt edge with binding becomes a chore instead of what it should be—the final step in a creative design process. But help is on the way!

In the September 2012 issue of American Quilter magazine (in the mail now to AQS members, and on sale at craft, grocery, and book stores beginning August 7, 2012), you’ll find an amazingly easy way to finish your quilts with panache instead of plain. Trisha Chubbs shows you step by step how to make a faux piped binding (photo below). It’s an impressive finish that looks way more complicated to construct than it actually is!

And in the November 2012 issue (mailing to AQS members in late September and on newsstand October 9, 2012), we have another impressive binding finish you can add to your quilting skills repertoire. Author Barbara M. Burnham calls it a blended binding, and I call it a precision-pieced binding, but by any name it’s a fabulous finish. This binding exactly matches the fabrics and angles in the center of the quilt. In a pieced quilt, like the photo shown at the top, the precision-pieced binding allows the center design elements to flow gracefully to the quilt edges. For a landscape quilt, nothing in the scene has to stop at the quilt edge and your piece becomes more painterly.

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Better bindings are in your future!

Posted by Christine N. Brown, American Quilter magazine Editor-in-Chief

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