Tuesday January 5th 2016

If You Knew Susie…

The March 2011 issue of American Quilter magazine (already mailed to AQS members and available on newsstand Feb. 15)  includes several articles and patterns featuring the amazingly ageless Sunbonnet Sue. Here is a response from Jacquie Scuitto (aka The Muse). Jacquie has graciously shared this photo and the poem below.

“I just received the latest issue of American Quilter and am really enjoying all of the Sunbonnet Sue articles.

One of the two quilt tops I have that were made my my mom around 1940 feature the Sunbonnet Babies. The photo shows a section of the quilt. In Sue’s honor I wrote the following verse some years ago:”
Oh Susannah!
My Sunbonnet Sue!
So many quilts have featured you
In so many activities
Over the years,
Mirroring real life.
Garnering cheers.
Some people don’t care
For your innocent charm,
But their lack of taste

Will do you no harm:
Ever in fashion
With fame that astounds,
Your popularity

Knows no bounds.
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2 Comments for “If You Knew Susie…”

  • Mary Keasler says:

    My compliments on one of the best issues of American Quilter magazine in years! I thoroughly enjoyed the in depth article on Millie Sorrels. What a role model. Thanks again for a knockout issue. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Christine Brown, Editor says:

    You are most welcome, Mary. I appreciate your taking the time to comment and will pass the compliment along to our production manager and office staff.

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