Thursday December 31st 2015

Hello Old Friends

At the AQS Show in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago, I attended a lecture by noted quiltmaker and instructor Karen K. Stone. I am a big fan of Karen’s and have been for a long time, but really, there’s not much time in the day to keep up with all the happenings in all my favorite quilters’ lives. Even my own, for that matter! Karen brought tons of quilts and spread them out on the stage after the lecture so attendees could see them up close. Some were familiar to me from days gone by, and seeing them again in person was like meeting old friends. Fantastic quilts are like people in that way. Seeing them from a distance (books and photos) is one thing, but in person and up close you are able to get the nuances from their voices and body language (the equivalent of all those fantastic fabrics that Karen uses). Such a visual and tactile treat (yes, she even let us touch them)! Karen’s Clam Session was TQL’s very first Centerfold in the very first issue. That’s where we feature fabulous quilts that we know you’ll want to get to know better. Second best thing to actually being there!

Jan Magee

Editor-in-Chief of The Quilt Life

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