Thursday December 31st 2015

Hear a Song by Laura Wasilowski

Laura Wasilowski is a contemporary quiltmaker, teacher, and creator of hand-dyed fabrics and threads. She is also a song composer and singer extraordinaire! Listen to Laura’s rendition of  “There Once Was a Quilter from North Illinois,” a companion to her interview in the June 2011 issue of The Quilt Life.  Get ready to smile!

Click here for Laura’s song.

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3 Comments for “Hear a Song by Laura Wasilowski”

  • Kathleen Couch says:

    OK, Laura, you planning to die soon?? Because I want to get you fabric and UFO’s. LOL Cute little ditty. I did get a quilt top, when my mom passed. She didn’t make it. Not sure when it was made, or who made it. It was done by hand. Maybe in the dark winter days in Sweden, I will start quilting it by hand. Best to you, Laura!

  • Peg says:

    I’ll be teaching hand embroidery to kids this summer and wonder if it would be OK if I taught them your songs about French knots and embroidery just for fun.

  • Phyllis Bannister says:

    Laura, your enthusiasm for quilting and life uplift me every time I see/hear/read/observe you and your work! Thank you for undaunted spirit and willingness to do things your way and out loud! You are a true sister of the quilt!

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