Wednesday June 10th 2015

Linda Hahn’s Mystery Quilt – Part 3

Here’s the third  installment of Linda Hahn’s new mystery block-of-the-month quilt. You can continue on your mystery journey and make your quilt bigger and bigger.

This seven – part mystery quilt is absolutely FREE and there is no need to sign up.

Click here to download installment 3.

Click here to download installment 2.

Click here to download installment 1.

Linda Hahn is the AQS author of the award-winning book, New York Beauty Simplified and her newest book, New York Beauty Diversified.

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8 Comments for “Linda Hahn’s Mystery Quilt – Part 3”

  • Susan says:

    Isn’t this a huge amount of fabric for a lap quilt or even a twin size? (14 1/4 yards of fabric)?

  • Andrea says:

    Susan, I thought the same thing! That’s alot of fabric.

  • Linda J. Hahn says:

    Ladies, please join our discussion group at My Quilt Place – Snake in the Grass Mystery Quilt or on Facebook – same name. You’ll see that there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye – thus the extra fabric…it’s a mystery.

  • Lemmah says:

    Please join us at where Linda has created a group, “Snake in the Grass Mystery Quilt.” Linda is right there with us to answer any and all questions – it’s already gearing up to be lots of fun! We’ll be posting photos, comments, discussions – and it’s plenty early to start the project, last month’s instructions were for only 4 blocks. The colors in this quilt are amazing! Hope to see you there!

  • Joy Clark says:

    Linda where can I buy the 1895 Batik material. I live in Australia and am having trouble getting all the colours. I would rather get them all to gether.

  • Nyla Stoughton says:

    I cut fabric #369 Monaco into 7 5 1/2″ squares by mistake. Will I be able to salvage this for use in blocks 5 & 6, or should I buy additional fabric now?
    Thank you,

  • penny says:

    I can not find the borders as shown in the picture, are they coming next month? This is simply beautiful, can’t wait till it is done. thank you

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