Wednesday December 30th 2015

Free – Give Me Liberty Quilting Pattern by Bonnie K. Browning

Your free pattern is from the book Designs on Freedom by Bonnie K. Browning. It is just one of the 50 designs contained in this book. Use this pattern as a quilting design or as a pretty Redwork or Bluework pattern. You are sure to find lots of other uses for it in any patriotic-inspired project.  It’s our gift to you!

Click here to download your FREE pattern.

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2 Comments for “Free – Give Me Liberty Quilting Pattern by Bonnie K. Browning”

  • Nancy Johnson says:

    I am having trouble getting to the free pattern from Bonnie Browning. I have logged in, gone to downloadable files and patterns, and can not seem to get to the correct page to download.

    BTW, I can not seem to read the CAPTCHA code correctly ….

    • Sylvia says:

      Nancy, I am sorry you have had difficulty downloading the pattern. I have sent a PDF to your email address. Let me know if it does not work. We have had problems with the CAPTCHA code and thought we had it fixed. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll get our IT guys back on it. – Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Administrator

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