Wednesday February 26th 2014

Free – Blazing Bandanas Quilt Pattern by Agnete Kay

One day while attending the Calgary Stampede, it occurred to me that the colorful bandanas typically worn by cowboys and cowgirls have printed designs which could be useful in quiltmaking. The designs are usually symmetrical, and available in a variety of patterns including intricate, swirling floral and paisley motifs. Most bandanas are made in India; others come from China and those usually have more angular designs.

The blocks in Blazing Bandanas are easy to make, yet each is different and never boring.

Click here to download your Blazing Bandanas pattern.

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5 Comments for “Free – Blazing Bandanas Quilt Pattern by Agnete Kay”

  • carol says:

    Why would any humane, sencient person existing in 2012 ever attend the stampede where horses are driven off a cliff and many other hooved lives suffer and are tortured. It is archaic and repulsive to any thinking human!!!

  • Cathy says:

    Carol, I have never heard of horses being driven off a cliff in connection with the Calgary Stampede. Also the word is “sentient” and this sentient being enjoys rodeos, also. Every human rodeo athlete I have ever known loves their animals as if they are equals. I think Agnete’s quilt pattern is beautiful and I’m downloading it right now.

  • Linda says:

    Carol, I have to agree with Cathy. I have NEVER HEARD of any function which drives any animals off of cliffs. This may have happened back when the Indians had to hunt hunt but they used every bit of the animal to survive. Where did you get the idea this happens anywhere in this day and time?

  • JudyNM says:

    As a true animal lover, I am appalled at your uninformed post that is really a dumb soapbox. This is a quilting website for heaven’s sake.

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