Wednesday December 30th 2015

eBook – Quilts from the Selvage Edge by Karen Griska

“Cut off the selvages.” That’s  often the first thing new quilters learn about fabric in beginning classes. But what do you do with them? Throw them away? Never again! Not after you see the vivid and ingenious creations they can become. Here are quilts that will appeal to every scrap saver and fabric stash owner.

Karen’s ingenious use of selvages turns them into fun and imaginative quilts. There are detailed, photo-illustrated instructions on how to make every shape block used in these quilts. Combine the selvage-pieced blocks with complementary fabrics for visually exciting and dramatic quilts. Karen shows you every step of the process for making these scrappiest of scrap quilt blocks. And you thought selvages were only to trim off!

Quilts from the Selvage Edge is out-of-print, but is now available as an e-Book!

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