Wednesday December 30th 2015

Challenge-Loving Guilds, This is for YOU!

Here’s a special message to quilt guilds everywhere, to those quilters who gather regularly to make beautiful quilts, learn new techniques, and often work with loving hands to benefit charity giving of one sort or another.

JEWEL BOX BEETLE by Sue Holdaway-Heys, part of Tuesday Night Friends

Don’t you love a good challenge? Well, here’s one for you!! Gather your guild and start making plans to be part of the 2014 Ultimate Guild Challenge at AQS QuiltWeek–Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 20 – 23, 2014. (While you are making plans, how about a road trip to Grand Rapids to see the Ultimate Guild Challenge exhibit hanging at QuiltWeek?)

This challenge honors the results of a quilt guild’s challenge to its members. So, your guild issues its own challenge to its members. You choose the rules, the fabrics, the theme!

Then, YOU choose the top eight quilts from those who enter.

Quilts in the Ultimate Guild Challenge must measure 30″ to 80″, with length 30″ or more.

ENTER BY APRIL 2, 2014. Only one entry submission will be accepted per guild. Your entry will include your theme, an explanation of your challenge description and rules, contact information, and a guild photo. You’ll also include information (the title of the quilt and the size) for each of the eight quilts, including detailed images for each.

Each individual can stitch or quilt only one challenge quilt for one guild.

For more information on categories and rules, click HERE.

For more information on the required photos, click HERE.

For more information on design permission, click HERE.

In this video, Andrea Ray, AQS Contest Coordinator, takes you step-by-step through the online process of entering the AQS Ultimate Quilt Challenge at 2014 QuiltWeek–Grand Rapids, Michigan.

What does a guild need to have on hand to enter online?

1. A full view photo of each quilt with all four corners visible. (image must be less than 10 MB)
2. A detail image of each quilt showcasing the quilter’s best work. (image must be less than 10 MB)
3. A group photo that includes everyone. (image must be less than 10 MB)
4. Size of each quilt in width and length.
5. The quilting method and technique for each quilt.
6. If the quilt is not the quilter’s original design, you will need to provide the pattern or design information for each. You will also need to upload a copy of the design permission(s). (Must be scanned as one document less than 10 MB)
7. Combined value of all 8 quilts. If a quilt is valued over $1,000 you must upload a copy of the appraisal(s). (Must be scanned as one document less than 10 MB)
8. Challenge theme, description, and rules
9. One person designated as the guild contact. (This person will enter the information online and receive all contest correspondence.)
10. Optional: Name and email address of your guild’s local newspaper

Are you having trouble uploading your photo?

Make sure your photo is saved as a .jpg and is under 10 MB. Depending on your network, it may take several minutes to complete the upload. It may appear that nothing is happening, but try waiting 2 -3 minutes to see if it uploads successfully.

We won’t be able to provide written judging evaluations for this contest.

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2 Comments for “Challenge-Loving Guilds, This is for YOU!”

  • Eileen Hayes says:

    Hello Andrea Ray,

    Could you please clarify what the cost is for a guild to enter the 2014 Ultimate Guild Challenge for the Grand Rapids Show. i.e. is there a single fee that covers all 8 quilts? or is the fee per quilt and based on whether the quiltmaker is an AQS member or not?

    Also, does there need to be 8 quilts or can a guild enter 5,6 or 7 quilts?

    Thank you very much for any info that you can provide.

    Eileen Hayes

    • Sylvia says:

      Eileen, I have sent your message to Andrea. She is out of the office the the Thanksgiving holiday but I’m sure she will get with you quickly when she return on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving! Sylvia Thomas, AQS Office Administrator

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