Thursday December 31st 2015

Carol Butzke – Quilt Appraisals

Carol Butzke, AQS certified Quilt & Textile appraiser gives us some info and tips on having your quilt appraised.

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10 Comments for “Carol Butzke – Quilt Appraisals”

  • Marilyn Edwards says:

    Carol, I am interested in having you take a look at one of my quilts. I live in southern Fond du Lac County and could come to your home if that is what you prefer. Also, I tried to sign up for the free newsletter but it refuses my email address. Thank you for your help. ( Are you related to the Jackson Butzkes? I was raised in the Town of Jackson; my maiden name was Lemke.) I look forward to your response.

  • Deb Cascio says:


    I found your name at the Quilt Expo in Madison, Wi last weekend. Although I wasn’t able to find you personally, I was given you name from several people involved in running the Expo/

    I am not interested in getting a quilt appraised, I simply have a question.

    My Grandma (now deceased x 10 yrs at age 90) gave me a quilt she described as a “100 year old quilt”. She know I was a quilter and would appreciate this treasure.

    I don’t think she made this quilt, it wasn’t her style. Gram made Sunbonnet Sue/Sam’s for all of her many many grandchildred/great grandchildren.

    This quilt is in disrepair with many areas worn very thin. The fabric is quite fragile and there are areas that have been torn or worn through completely.

    My interest is to restore this piece to the extent possible. Its value is as a family treasure, I am not interested in selling it or really having it appraised.

    I actually started to take it apart on one side. I found an old Army blanket that was used as batting–I remember Army quilts around our households as a child.

    I found Grams married name written on 2 opposite corners of the blanket..very exciting!

    At this point however, I have stopped working on it for fear of damaging it more than it is.

    Initially I was thinking of placing the fragile pieced top and back on another intact piece of fabric, add batting and re-quilt it.

    Can you help me with recommendations from here forward?
    Shall I continue to dis-assemble it and move forward with my original plan……very carefully?

    Thank you for your expertise,
    Deb Cascio

  • Sandra Lobner says:

    Carol: PLease send me your correct e-mail as my communication to was rejected. I have additional info on the quilt you are appraising for me.

  • Karen Kofler says:

    Hi Carol:
    Awhile back, perhaps 2003, I brought a quilt for you to appraise. I was wondering if you may have a copy that I would be able to obtain. It was a crazy quilt that you appraised for $1,600.00.

    Thank you.

  • Marjorie Childers says:

    The closed captioning for Carol Butzke’s appraisal description is so garbled, with about half the terms incorrect, I hope that no one has to depend on it. I used the closed captioning to avoid noise for the people who work around me, and if I were not an appraiser myself, I would be mystified. Can you get Carol to review and correct? This is a good explanation of the types of appraisals if the language were only correct.

  • Rene Hunter says:

    I inherited an old shoo fly quilt, it is very large 88×66 .It is in very good condition, My mom was a quilter and she put a label on the quilt stating circa 1880 purchased in Summerville SC.
    It is knotted. If I sent yoù pictures could you help me determine a value?


  • Connie Wroblewski says:

    I have inher. 2 grandmothers flower garden quilt tops. I would like an appraisal..I am located too far to drive to you…please advise how to obtain an appr. from you.

    Thank you, Connie

  • Summer says:

    Hello, my sister has a quilt she’d like a ballpark figure on if possible. She is in Upper Michigan but I have several pictures I could send if that would give enough information to get a rough estimate on the quilt. It is a beautiful 115×100 broken star pattern, immaculate condition. If you could please send me your contact info I’d like to get in touch with you.

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