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At  AQS Books, we strive to always bring the highest quality books directly to the quilters who love them. With topics ranging from traditional to extraordinary, every quilter is sure to find something they’ll love. Plus, with more than 20 new American Quilter’s Society books published every year, there’s always a new way to feed your love of quilts.

In addition to finding all of our books in our own AQS  Store, you’ve surely seen them at your local quilt shop, bookstore, and many local libraries. We’re a leading producer of quilt books, with new titles distributed  across the world.

Most of our books are available as e-books. You can even access many of our out-of-print books this way.  More than three dozen books are already digitized and ready for immediate purchase and download. And we’re releasing new titles every month electronically.

You can shop our store and purchase any AQS book today.  You’ll also find other wonderful quilting products. 

You love quilting, we love to give you what you need.

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More AQS Book Features

  • Save $$ on fabric, books, and more!

    Members and non-members alike love to visit! (Psst - new products are arriving every day!) However, did you know... Every time you make a purchase at, you will save 20% when you log in as a memb...

  • AQS Author Demonstrations at Lancaster

    Do you know about the author demonstrations at AQS QuiltWeek events? You’ll find an author demonstration area at every show. It’s a great place to meet and greet the authors and watch demonstrations of their work. At AQS QuiltWeek® - Lancaster,...

  • Free Pattern - Jeri Auty's TESSELLATING HEARTS Quilt

    When Jeri Auty made her first Tessellating Pinwheel block, she became intrigued with the process of taking square blocks of color, cutting them, and turning them into interlocking, spinning pinwheel designs. Depending upon the color, value, and placeme...

  • Michele Scott's GEOMETRIC SQUARES Quilt

    Michele Scott's fun GEOMETRIC SQUARES quilt is an easy pattern that will showcase your favorite fabrics! The quilt is approximately 46" x 58" finished. You'll love this design; it's perfect for fabrics you'd like to spotlight with a lighthearted approa...

  • Aspiring Author? E-mail our editors!

    UPDATE 2/4/14: There’s been a small change in Michele Duffy’s (AQ magazine Editor-in-Chief) itinerary. Due to the inclement weather we have here in Paducah, Michele will not be in Phoenix after all. Feel free to contact her here if you have an arti...

  • Executive Book Editor to Attend Phoenix QuiltWeek®

    Would you like to talk about a book idea with our Executive Book Editor, Elaine H. Brelsford? Elaine will be attending our AQS QuiltWeek® – Phoenix, Arizona 2014 event and would love to meet with you there. Not only is this our first event in Phoen...

  • It's HERE! Judi Madsen's New Book

    When we read Judi Madsen's December 3, 2013, Green Fairy Quilts blog, we couldn't help but share it! The blog was written the day after her book, Quilting Wide Open Spaces (AQS Publishing) arrived at her home. She's so excited. We are, too, ...

  • Free Quilting Designs, Oak Leaf Swirl and Diamond Star

    Enjoy two free quilting patterns, Oak Leaf Swirl and Diamond Star, both from Lynda Smith, a graphic designer at AQS. Born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky, home of the American Quilter’s Society and Quilt City USA®, Lynda has been a graphic desi...

  • What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?

    Have you made out your Christmas list? I know it always helps to drop a few hints here and there—or in some cases to make out a list. Here are some things you might want to add to your Christmas list or maybe get as gifts for your quilting friends: ...

  • Santa's Picks

    Here are some stocking stuffers and gift ideas to make it a happy QUILTING Christmas! Your quilting friends will be pleased to know you remembered them. Every quilter loves a quilting gift! Of course, you COULD forward this to YOUR special Santa, j...

  • AQS Shopping is Better than Ever!

    It's new. It's different. And you can shop on it. (What could be better?) Have we got a treat for you—just in time for Black Friday! We’ve re-designed, re-structured...and just like re-decorating should do, created a new AQS shopping space...

  • APP is for Appliqué

    To Diane S. Hire, the word APP could only mean APPliqué! Even the most reluctant appliquér won't hesitate to jump in and try one of Dianne's 14 stylized floral designs in this new book from AQS Publishing. Who can resist an invitation to interpret...

  • Be Published - by AQS!

    You have an original, quilt-related idea. You’d love to see it published as an AQS book. Or you can imagine your latest project in print in American Quilter magazine –with your byline. We’d love to hear from you. It’s easier than you thin...

  • Houston = Quiltmania!

    Where does life in the everyday world cease to exist? For quilters "in the business," it’s at the International Quilt Market in Houston each year, where brains become quilt-consumed and talk turns to little but the subject at hand. Friends are made...

  • Make a Memorable T-Shirt Quilt!

    Here’s an in-depth video that explains the T-Shirt quiltmaking process! Enjoy this digital class from Trish Bowman, author of Easy Memorabilia Quilts: Ties, T-Shirts, Photos and More. "Use the right tools," Trish says, as she gives terrific assemb...

Recently Added

AQS 30th Anniversary Dogwood Pattern – Free!

AQS 30th Anniversary Dogwood Pattern – Free!

We’re seeing a hint of life in the delicate dogwood buds of Quilt City USA®, thanks to a warmer sunny day or two. [Read More]

Save $$ on fabric, books, and more!

Save $$ on fabric, books, and more!

Members and non-members alike love to visit! (Psst – new products are arriving every [Read More]

AQS Design Team Color and Design Tips

AQS Design Team Color and Design Tips

At AQS, we work with a fun and friendly group of designers who toil at their computers every day designing ads, book [Read More]

AQS Author Demonstrations at Lancaster

AQS Author Demonstrations at Lancaster

Do you know about the author demonstrations at AQS QuiltWeek events? You’ll find an author demonstration area at [Read More]

Beth Schillig’s Best Innovative Quilt at Phoenix

Beth Schillig’s Best Innovative Quilt at Phoenix

Beth Schillig enjoys a chat about her quilt, WANDERING ‘ROUND MY WORLD, with AQS Show Director, Bonnie Browning, [Read More]

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