Wednesday December 30th 2015

America’s Quilted Garden Blocks

America’s Quilted Garden Blocks by Faye Labanaris has 55 unique flower block designs that celebrate the 50 US States, the Capitol district, and the four US territories. Each design features the official state flower.

You can make every 20 in.″– 24 in. original design flower block into a wallhanging or combine several different ones into a project of your own. You can also mix and match the basic appliqué and ribbon work techniques to suit your own taste and colors. The book also includes a pattern CD so you can print your patterns full-size. There’s no need to slow down your project to enlarge or reduce your patterns. The CD also includes bonus information on each state or territory such as its nickname, motto, state bird, state tree, and more.

Just imagine the wonderful quilts you can make to commemorate places you’ve lived or visited. The blocks will also make lovely memory quilts for students, friends, and colleagues.

Click here to read more about America’s Quilted Garden Blocks.


Faye also has fabric kits for many of the state blocks.

Click here to see all of  Faye’s state flower kits.

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