Thursday December 31st 2015

American Quilter DVD Episodes 1-3

We love sharing selections of our American Quilter Series with you. But, did you know that the entire series is available on DVD? You can pop it into your DVD player and join host Jeanna Juleson on her quilt journey. Each episode features an American Quilter interview, a demonstration with our  Savvy Quilter, one great Quilt of the Week, a visit to a national quilting event, and Pieceful Quilter to wrap up a moment in time and place.

Episodes 1-3 contains:

  • Episode One: Quilter’s Guild of Indianapolis; Sue Nickels; Shirley Kelly; Caryl Bryer Fallert; Norton House.
  • Episode Two: Robert Cargo African-American Quilt Collection; Joan Shay; John Flynn; Karen Kay Buckley; Creating Fabric.
  • Episode Three: Behind the Scenes of American Quilter with Helen Squire; Bethany S. Reynolds; Linda Carlson; Gerald E. Roy; Art of Bobbin Lace.

Enjoy the art of bobbin lace. This video is part of a ‘pieceful quilter’ moment from the “American Quilter” series.


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