Wednesday December 30th 2015

A Mental Snapshot

TQL just fell in love with Betty Busby’s ethereal Cherry Trees, the “It’s My Nature” quilt for October. We learned a few things about this quilt and its maker, and they are too good not to share.

Cherry Trees, detail, by Betty Busby
Cherry Trees, detail, by Betty Busby

We were surprised that Betty didn’t work from a photo when she created this scene. “At that time, I was caring for my mother at our home here in New Mexico. She has a lot of physical problems, and I wanted to bring back happier times to her. It was a mental snapshot, really.”

Betty told us that she often paints on her quilts after they are quilted. “I use a dry brush with very little paint, and go slowly, stepping back frequently to gauge the results,” she explained.

Betty does a lot of experimentation with surface design techniques and posts pictures of her progress on her blog, readily admitting that many of these experiments are failures. “Nothing springs out fully formed! Too many of us are intimidated by our beautiful materials, but if we can learn to break through this, we can have a lot more freedom of expression.”

If you’re involved in surface design or even just curious, click here for a blog you’ll want to follow.

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