Wednesday December 30th 2015

25 Reds Fabric Collection

The color red is the warmest of all colors and is associated with fiery heat and romantic love. Red is also the most emotionally intense color and may even cause your heart to beat faster. Is it any wonder that red fabrics can add drama and   “sparkle” to any quilting project?

Our new grouping of 25 red fabrics is just what quilters  need to build  fabric stashes with vibrant red fabric choices. You’ll get 25 different prints ranging from darkest red to vibrant pinks.  Use them in scrap quilts, as blenders, borders, or wherever you want you quilt to have warmth or a spark.

Our 25 Reds Fabric Collection comes in a choice of sizes. You can order Fat Eighths  (9″ X 22″) or Fat Quarters  (18″ X 22″).  All fabrics are of top-quality 100% cotton. They are sure to make your heart go pitty-pat!

Click here to see the Fat Eighths 25 Reds  Collection.

Click here to see the Fat Quarter 25 Reds Collection.




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