Tuesday September 30th 2014

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American Quilter

Digital AQ is Available Now!

American Quilter (AQ) magazine is better than ever! AQ is now available as an enhanced digital version for iOS devices [Read More]


Marjorie Rhine designed MIDNIGHT DREAMS to make use of the variable colors that are often natural to batiks. What a [Read More]

Free: Fern Quilting Pattern

Do you have ferns in your yard or on your porch? If they haven’t wilted from the heat of summer, they may be [Read More]

Quilt Shows

ALL COLOR, ALL THE TIME! A Chattanooga Exhibit

AQS Executive Show Director Bonnie Browning talks with Melody Johnson about her special exhibit at AQS QuiltWeek® in Chattanooga, ALL COLOR, ALL THE TIME. The exhibit was a [Read More]

The Quilt Life

The Quilt Life: The Final Issue

The American Quilter’s Society has made the very difficult decision to cease publishing [Read More]


Beautiful, juicy Concord grapes on grapevines signal summer! Here are the appliqué [Read More]

Meet the Author – Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham began making quilts professionally in 1979, after a ten-year career as a [Read More]

Quilt Books

Free Pattern: Liberated String Medallion by Gwen Marston

String quilts are, by their very nature, liberated quilts. Because there’s no set block pattern, every string quilt is an original! Gwen Marston couldn’t resist [Read More]