Wednesday July 16th 2014

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American Quilter

Free Pattern – Log House Block

There’s no better time than summer to build a new house. A Log House block or quilt, that is! Today’s free [Read More]

Save Your Online American Quilter Magazines NOW.

American Quilter magazine is better than ever! I am excited to announce that the online version of American Quilter [Read More]


This year’s QuiltWeek event in Paducah was a delightful experience and is now a sweet memory! We were so happy to see [Read More]

Quilt Shows

Booking Hotel Rooms in Chattanooga

Booking hotel rooms is easier than ever in Chattanooga! Hotels throughout the city are participating in AQS QuiltWeek. Each of the hotels has provided a reduced rate for AQS [Read More]

The Quilt Life


Beautiful, juicy Concord grapes on grapevines signal summer! Here are the appliqué [Read More]

Meet the Author – Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham began making quilts professionally in 1979, after a ten-year career as a [Read More]

Meet the Moderns

The June TQL marks the debut of a new regular column, “Modern Connections”. Victoria [Read More]

Quilt Books

July Already?

July may have caught you by surprise, but autumn won’t sneak up on you. Think “burnished golds, deep reds, and leaves” and start stitching now! The [Read More]

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